Dream Maker Hannah
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Dundry Forever More Am.Ch. This Time Major League At Dundry Am.Can.Ch. Pastoral Junior League Am.Ch. Firacres In A League Of His Own Can.Ch. Pastoral Johnny Handsome
Firacres Spice O'Life
Can.Ch. Pastoral Another Pretty Face Am.Can.Ch. Pastoral Just A Tad Devilish
Pastoral Brandy Sniffer
This Time Canadian Cooler Am.Can.Ch. Pastoral Pretty Boy Floyd Am.Can.Ch. Pastoral Pink Floyd
Pastoral Brenda Starr
Am.Can.Ch. Pastoral Unforgettable Can.Ch. Pastoral Johnny Handsome
Can.Ch. Pastoral Pickadilly
Am.Ch. Sudon's Double Patented Am.Ch. Lordean's Patent Bear Am.Ch. Lordean's Teen Angel Am.Ch. Lordean's The Angel Maker
Am.Ch. Eden Valley Crystal Blue
Jolea's Rock N Robin Am.Ch. Shadomountin Bobby Dazzler
Kevinly Jolea Odie Blu Pum
Am.Ch. Sudon's Double Trouble Am.Ch. Lordean's Music Maker Am.Ch. Lordean's The Angel Maker
Lordeans Moonlight Lady
Am.Ch. Cee Jay's Trouble Maker Am.Ch. Lordean's Magic Maker
Am.Ch. Cee Jay's Blueberry Miss
Ju Lyn's Midge Jo-San's Skip The Honey Am.Ch. Len Wil's Tinker Boyramblinman Len-Wil's Juda Pumpkin Pie Timothy Boy Of Po Yen
Am.Ch. Judabob's Golden Sunshine
Am.Ch. Jo-San's Sweetie Pie Jodie Am.Ch. Loveland's Good Buddy
Jo-San's Sweet Imp
Am.Ch. Melodylane Honey Bee Am.Ch. Melodylane Wagging Trail Melodylane On And On
Melodylane Sweet Betsy
Melodylane Color Me Perfect Am.Ch. Melodylane Standing Ovation
Melodylane Blue Velvet
Ju Lyn's Sunrise Button's N' Bows Skip Around Am.Ch. Yorkboro One Step Closer Am.Ch. Mayfair Barban Quinnat
Am.Ch. Yorkboro Crimson and Clover
Circus Circus No No Nanette Am.Ch. Yorkboro Valcopy The Baron
Circus Circus Chelsea Morn
Ja Lyn's Mopsy Jo-San's Luck And Determination Am.Ch. Jo-San's Bambi Sailing High
Melodylane Maybe Baby
Jennifer Lynn Y Prince Mickey II
Dauffman's Blue Velvet