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This page has been created for those families who have sent us photos/updates of puppies they have previously purchased from us.  These puppies are not for sale.  We encourage all of our clients to keep us up-to-date with photos or information about any/all Yorkie puppies that have come from Dream Maker Yorkies.  We love to hear from  you!


Hi Debra!  We wanted to give you an update on Bear and send some pics so you can see how much he has changed.  He is holding steady at around five pounds and like a little fire ball of energy. He is our little baby and we have spoiled him immensely.  We love his personality, he is a care taker, hunter of all things indoor and out and a cuddler.  He brings so much joy to our family and are so grateful to you. ~Thank you, Regina Redstone


Hi Mrs. Debra, this is Tasha, I bought a little girl yorkie from you a couple months ago.
I just wanted to send you a couple of pics and tell you that we absolutely adore her.
The boys do surprisingly well with her :-) 


Well we've had Sir Lancelot Winston in our home for about two weeks now, and I can't imagine it without him. We all love spending time with him. Whether we are playing with his favorite ball or just showing him some love, he is always entertaining us. Lance absolutely loves giving kisses. He spends every morning helping me get ready for work and loves waking the girls up. We still have some work to do on potty training but we are all enjoying our time together. Thank you for giving us the perfect little brother.  ~The Reed Family


Hey Debra we wanted to give you an update Layla is doing great she has us all spoiled we love her to death!!! 
She has become the baby of the family everyone is in love!!!!
God bless
Lynette, Darrin, Lauren & Laylabug

Gemma is so adorable.  Everyone who meets her wants to take her home.  She has the most perfect disposition and is smart as a whip. She has beautiful healthy hair and she is full of energy.
Little Miss Foodie will steal your food if you're not looking.  Thank you so much for her.  My vet is impressed with how healthy she is. It was so nice talking with you today.  My husband and I will keep Butch in our prayers for a full recovery.  Let's keep in touch. ~Carol


Hi, Debra! My name is Kierstin Hayes. I purchased a female Yorkie from you earlier this year, and named her Charlee Rose. I picked her up February 25, 2015. She was from Tyson and Maggie's litter. She actually just turned 1 on December 4, 2015. I've been meaning to email you for some time now to just thank you for my sweet baby girl. She is just too adorable, and SO spoiled (but that's al my fault). She loves to be on the go, and every time she's out and about, people always compliment me on how gorgeous she is! I love her so much! She seriously has the liveliest personality in the house. She's such a diva, and knows this. She brings so much joy to my family and I. I've attached some pictures of her so you can see her now. Once again, thank you for adding such a wonderful blessing to my life. I love her so much! Hope you're doing well! ~ Kierstin Hayes


Hey Debra!
I've been meaning to send you pictures and an update on our family's little blessing! Tucker is Nola and Cruzer's baby. Born December 3, 2014. Now weighing a perfect 4lbs. This little angel boy has people falling in love throughout Baton Rouge! He goes to work with mommy every day. All the ladies go crazy over this guy. His personality is just perfect. Tucker is playful, extremely friendly, and undoubtedly a lover. Everyone who walks through my salon is there to visit him of course! So smart and well behaved. He loves his toys and does tricks for his treats. Loves to travel or just go out on the town shopping. I've given your name and website to so many people and one of our clients came out and purchased a little girl. Just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job you do in breeding. He is Such a joy and we couldn't be happier! Take a look at this cutie :) ~Jennifer Bourgeois


Hey Ms. Debra,
Nick and I wanted to give you an update on our little girl that you blessed us with.  She has become such a special part of our family.  She has managed to win all of our hearts and has all of us wrapped around her little paws.  She has just had her first birthday and she is the perfect size.  Her personality is out of this world.  She has attitude and doesn’t let her brother and sister get the best of her.  She has a few nick names we have given to her.  Her full name is “ GiGi Soaphia P” aka  “Hoover” due to the fact that she loves to eat, “ Little One” because she is our baby,  “Poo Dee” because she smells from being so spoiled, and “Princess”  because she rules the house.  I also need to mention the fact that she so loves all her toys and plays with them all the time.  They are spread from one end of the house to the other.  Another thing that our little girl loves is to play outside.  She just loves running in the yard and hops and jumps with such  energy.  She makes us very happy and we love her very much.  Thank you for allowing us to take her home and we will forever be grateful. ~ Thank you so very much, Ava and Nick

DOB: 4-15-14, Sophia & Cruzer


Today we are celebrating Mayson’s 2nd birthday and I wanted to let you know how much joy she has brought to our family. She has so much personality and enjoys being “the boss”.  She loves getting brushed and having her little belly rubbed.  She never barks but doesn’t mind a little whining to get what she wants. Mayson is very loving and passes out kisses to almost everyone.  She has to make her ‘rounds’ every night to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be but she ultimately ends up in ‘the big bed’.  It’s amazing how, at ALMOST 5 pounds, she can take up an entire king size bed! Thank you so much for giving our family the opportunity to love such an awesome little pup!
~ Mayson’s “People” (Mark, Michele, Shelby, and Sidney)

Female Pup born 1/6/13  Parents Roxy and Cruzer


I apologize that I do not remember your name, but I purchased a Yorkie puppy from you on February 15th, 2012.  She is one of the puppies belonging to Legend and Katee.  I just wanted to tell you "thanks" for the wonderful addition to my life.  I cannot imagine not having her.  She's doing fantastic and has a happy, wonderful life full of excitement and lots of people.  I love her very, very much and do everything possible to assure that she is safe, comfortable, healthy and happy.  I'm attaching a few pictures for you to take a look at.  She's a great looking dog with the best personality I could ever hope for!!  Tell me what you think, and please feel free to call anytime if you'd like to know more about Madison's life.


I have attached a few pictures of my two little girls that came from you! I could not have been happier with my yorkies! Isabella (my black and tan pup) is 3 pounds, and Alegria (the silver/tan pup) is a whopping 4.5 pounds only because she is a food junky. I got Isabella 4.5 years ago when I was moving out for college, and was so in love with her that I came back to you and got her a little sister 2 years later. I have not had a single regret with my choice of you as a breeder. They are two extremely healthy dogs with the best personality that I could have possibly asked for. I can not tell you how many people have asked what breeder they came from, and I am always more than happy to tell them that they came from you!  Thank you again for providing me with my two little girls, I don't know what I would do without them!
Ashley Chambers


Hey Debra,
I got your voicemail over the weekend and wanted to let you know Rocky is doing great. He is weighing 3.4 pounds and is spoiled rotten. We love him to death. I have attached a couple of pics of him so you could see what he looks like now. Let me know that you got these. Thanks, Teresa


This is me going to work in my Pet Therapy bag.  
My mommy and I help children when they need to feel better and be happy. 
Karen Houghtaling
I love my new family. I cuddle with them in bed Every night. They taught me to sit, stay, come and walk on a leash right by 
them. They use a clicker to teach me new things. I go to school in mybag to visit the children.  They love me and I give them each a kiss. 
I flew in a plane with Lola, my Chihuahua, and my family from New Orleans to Seaside Florida for New year week. I loved the plane 
ride and my mommy let me look out the window sitting on her shoulder. Lola shakes and breathes hard but I thought it was so much 
fun. We will  fly home tomorrow. I love to walk on the beach. I follow my daddy real close even without a leash. I am very good in my bag 
even in restaurants because I like To go everywhere with my mommy and daddy. My mommy says I am Growing Big, but EVERYONE 
who sees me says that I am soo small and sooo cute. 
Thank you for finding me my new family. 
Beanie Houghtaling


Just wanted to share a photo if our Jaxx with you! He's such a wonderful little dog! Everyone who meets him wants one just like him, so we always refer then to you!! Happy Mardi Gras!
From The Landry Family
Luling, La

Mercedes ( Puppy #4 born 3-3-07) just celebrated her
9th birthday today! She's rocking a shorter hair style
these days (because her two year old human brother
loved trying to pull her ponytails!).
I told her she doesn't look a day over 4!
Thanks! Danielle & Josh, Slidell, La


I purchased Isabella from you April 2008.  We love her so much. she is a blessing in our home!!!!! Her pictures are attached. The pics are of Isabella full grown!!! She is 3 & 1/2 pounds. Her father is Pierre. We want to purchase another female w/the hopes she will be 3 & 1/2 lbs. or less full grown. Please let me know your thoughts! Marie V. Yusuf


Tiny Yorkie Puppy A#45
Mom: Tessa
Dad: Pierre
Born: 6-26-11
Went home to Dan from Benton, Louisiana

Isabella "izzy" turned 1 yesterday and is doing great!! She has been a joy and bright spot in our life daily. Everyone loves her, I have given your information out a lot. I will send you pictures in another email.
Mary Ann


Teacup Yorkie Male Puppy A # 21
Mom: Journey
Dad: Pierre
Born: 12-17-10

Wow the first thing I think of when I think of my Tigger is

"The wonderful thing about Tigger is Tigger is a wonderful thing"
His head is made of rubber and his tail is made of spring"
He bounces all over like a tiny little animated baby boy
He is 3 lbs on the button and loves people and loves other animals of all sizes. He loves to play and thank goodness he is a tough little guy for his size. We have 2 English bull dogs and Tigger absolutely loves the big bullies like they are his girlfriends. The vet says he is too little to fix so were not going to risk it.

Tigger is not like any of my past yorkies because he is never ever mean to anyone or any other animal. He has the most wonderful personality of any yorkie I've ever seen. Most terriers have a snappy side but not my Tig he is a full time lover. He has stairs all over the house allowing him to get onto the couch and bed so he has no need to risk a jump. He was very easy to train with the steps. He has to sleep in my armpit each night because he is very faithful.

He does love his mommy but he has taken to everyone in my family and plays with all of us. He does not bark a lot and is easy to make him mind because he is very, very smart.

The funniest thing about Tigger is, he loves to get dressed every day and wear all styles of clothes and loves to go bye bye in his little purse. He is so trained he will even wear sunglasses. He wears pajamas to bed in the winter too because he is so tiny. He runs into his bedroom where all his clothes are hung on hangers and turns around and waits for me to dress him.

Debra you saved my life with Tigger as I lost another yorkie of 12 years and thought I could never be happy and give all my love to another one again.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. ~Tigger's mom, Jodi


Katie Male Puppy # 1
Born: 8-31-09
Mom: Katie, Dad: Catcher
Weight as of 11-4-09 is at 25 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 4 1/2 - 5pounds

I have attached numerous photos of Mr. Coffee for the website. Coffee has been a blessed addition to our blended family, he has so much personality and loves people. As soon as he hears you come into the house, he is excited and wagging his tail. He does have a few quirks.....loves to bark at the garbage bags when you are putting them in the trash can, loves to run and bark around the pool when the kids are swimming, loves to terrorize our cat that wants absolutely nothing to do with him and last but certainly not least, loves cat food and cat treats.

The Armond Family
of Mandeville, La.




Tiny Yorkie Male A#13
Mom: Tessa, Dad: Pierre
Born: 11-19-10
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 2 1/2 - 3 pounds

OMGoodness!! ... we are so loving our new baby Yorkie named Mickey! He is beyond adorable, funny and so sweet, and just mixed right in with our family from Day 1! Mickey is the talk of our town here in PA as every where we take him either alone, or with his big brothers Buddy (Maltese) and TJ (Yorkie), everyone stops us to ask about him, and where we got him! His markings are so gorgeous, he struts along with fearless pride, and is the perfect little gentleman at 2 lbs 10 oz!
We just could not be happier! Debra, you are an awesome breeder, who takes great pride in your pups, and it certainly shows! We really admire you and so enjoy our new friendship as part of your extended family!
Love & Big Hugs, Ann & David
of Yardley, Pennsylvania


Mickey loves his pup friendly family
 vacation at the Madison Avenue
 Beach Club, in beautiful Cape May, NJ
Mickey just LOVES boogie boarding! Thinks it makes him
 look like a hot stud with the girls!
Mickey is sooo excited! He asked for
chicken for dinner and the nice man
brought it to him!!

Sophia Female #5
Mom: Sophia & Dad: Catcher
Born: 3-20-10

A note from her owner:
Spoiled rotten dog at work with me!!
1 year old now!!!!
She weighs 4lbs (with clothes, bow and collar hahahaha) everyone thinks she's absolutely beautiful!!!!

Belinda of Baton Rouge, La.



Dynasty Female Puppy # 1
Born: 4-3-09
Mom: Dynasty, Dad: Pierre
Weight as of 5-27-09 is at 1 pound
Estimated weight as an adult to be at 3 pounds


Thought u might like to c how she's doing. I can't believe I've had her almost a year, but I can't imagine my life without her.

Shirley of Summit, Miss.




Yorkie Puppy #4
Born: 3-3-07

Attached is an updated photo of my little princess, Mercedes . She is puppy #4 (last one on the past puppies page) she is 3 yrs and 7 1/2 months old weighing about 5lbs. She is a big girl now and is spoiled rotten! She loves to be showered with kisses and LOVES when you tell her how beautiful she is (she gets that from her daddy). Of course she runs the house and gets her way and has to have all the attention on her, but we fall deeper and deeper in love with her each and every day. She's never noticed that she's adopted, nor does she realize that she's not a real baby. .haha..P.S. Mommy is ready to get her a little brother or sister, so I will talk to you soon! :) XOXO, Danielle and Josh of Marrero, La.



Hannah Female Puppy #3
Born: 10-16-09
Mom: Hannah, Dad: Pierre

We had bought Hannah puppy #3, Brayli, in January. She'll be seven months old on May 16. She's doing wonderful, and she's getting chunky! When she went to the vet for a checkup this past week she now weighs 3.4 lbs. I've gotten more compliments on how beautiful she is than I can possibly count. You truly breed the most gorgeous puppies. She has a great personality and instead of me being her owner, she owns ME. She's spoiled rotten and she knows it. She took professional pictures a few weeks ago and they recently came in, so I attached a few in this email. I thought I'd give you an update and let you know she's doing amazing. I can't thank you enough for blessing me with such a perfect baby.

Megan of Luling, La.



Here is a picture of our yorkie we bought in October 2008. He made 1 year old on July 7th. He weighs 4.5 lbs and he puppy #23, from Pierre and Vanna. We named him York Larkin Pierre Merritt. He's spoiled!! We love him and have referred so many people to you! Thanks so much for our addition to our family.
John and Becky Merritt



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