At Dream Maker Yorkies, our handsome males pass their pedigree down to our puppies that are available for adoption in Louisiana. Click here for more info.


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I am very proud to introduce you to my male Yorkshire Terriers, the sires of my adorable yorkie puppies. I happily show you pictures and pedigrees of my breeding dogs.

Each of my dogs receive daily love and nurturing, as all dogs should, but they also receive my alert attention as to their temperament, conformation and general all round well being. I believe happy healthy beautiful yorkies produce happy healthy beautiful yorkie puppies.

I have went to great lengths to find just the type of Yorkshire Terrier foundation breeding stock to produce my elegant little yorkie puppies. Take a look at my little Yorkshire Terrier boys. Take a look at their pedigrees. Then you definitely should take a look at my adult female Yorkshire terriers. Then, after that, it's time to go to my Yorkshire Terrier nursery page and see if I have any yorkie puppies available. If I do, look at these puppies closely. Look at their pedigrees. Then it's time to either e-mail or call me and we'll have a good time discussing this intelligent beautiful breed and I'll gladly tell you all about my yorkie puppies!


Please visit our Retired Yorkies page

Dream Maker Trooper
Black & Gold

Sire: Lake Buena Vista Pierre
Dam: Dream Maker Touch By An Angel (Tessa)


Amazing's State of shock
Blue & Gold
Dream Maker Catch Me If You Can
Blue & Gold
* Cruzer *
Dream Maker Cruzin-N-Style
Blue & Gold
Dream Maker Legend Of Pierre
Blue & Gold
Lake Buena Vista Pierre
Blue & Gold

Sires Dams Puppies Testimonials Past Puppies Home Email

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